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caretaking charters




Looking for somewhere to store your boat for the winter but tired of dealing with language barriers? We have the solution!

Repco Marine are able to offer caretaking (gardiennage) services whilst your boat afloat.
Leave us to do the dirty work!

Picture this: sitting on the bow of a luxury
yacht sipping a chilled glass of rosé whilst
soaking up the sun at anchor ...

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At Repco Marine we pride ourselves on being a small, close-knit team that offers a prompt, professional, yet friendly service. Whether you need some advice on the best boat to purchase, or you are looking to do renovations to your current boat, we are qualified to help on any level.


  • Fully-trained mechanics & technicians
  • Maintenance & cleaning staff on call
  • Mobile service units with efficient planning & parts supply
  • Local knowledge & contacts


"Anyone who has experience maintaining a boat will know how difficult and time consuming it can be.  All my boats, new, old, good and bad quality, have always needed work and maintenance and there is no doubt the more experienced the technician the sooner my boat is fixed and I am happy.  With Repco I have only ever had a quick and reliable service with good explanations of what the problem was and what fixed it.  I can't recommend them enough for a thorough and honest job of maintaining boats, especially in the harsh environment of the South of France."

William Parton
Goldfish Agent